“Beyond the Greenhouse”

“Beyond the Greenhouse”

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Beyond the Greenhouse
By Ted – See all my reviews

Beyond the Greenhouse is a very moving read you won’t want to put the book down. Deborah Kirby shares testimonies of her life and her continue walk with the Lord. As Deborah shares parts of her life it just give you strength and hope to continue moving forward with your walk with the Lord. You just need to really read Beyond the Greenhouse and allow God to transplant you beyond the greenhouse. Thank you Deborah for listening to the Father and writing this book it is going to touch many lives.

I loved this book!
By Lisa – See all my reviews

Beyond the Greenhouse was a touching and inspiring read. I found myself cheering for this candid, Christian woman as I journeyed alongside her. Her writing style is truly captivating; I felt like she was in my living room sharing her life with me. Rare honesty!

“Years of Growth and Healing”
By NC Grandma – See all my reviews

“Beyond the Greenhouse” is a perfect example of how we should use our walk with Our Creator as a testimony to His faithfulness and love. Deborah is refreshingly open about this. The book causes one to think about how many times we have gone in and out of His greenhouse. The book is full of profound statements and great scriptures. One that meant so much to me is “Much like a plant will wither and die in the absence of sun, soil, and water, so too will we wither and die without Him, His Word, and His Body.” If you are walking in trials, read this book as it will encourage you to keep you eye on Him. He loves us all with this kind of love.

A Real Page Turner!
By: Jim D. – See all my reviews

I found “Beyond the Greenhouse” hard to put down. Deborah Kirby shared deeply personal events from her life to show us that God is bigger than our hurts. She was very transparent and real. It was a book that really touches your heart and soul. It will challenge you to reach beyond yourself and to reach out to Father. It dares you to believe Him not only to save you but to heal all of your wounds. You don’t have to live with the past and settle for second best. It has shown me that it doesn’t matter how deeply wounded a person is, God is so much bigger, able and willing to touch us there and heal us from any hold that the enemy would try to keep us down with. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants God’s touch in their lives.

Deborah has a great website also called […] I enjoy her articles and am challenged by them.

Rivoting account of one woman’s passionate pursuit of the Creators heart that will set those seeking on fire!

By Mrs. T. – See all my reviews

Beyond the Greenhouse is written in the uncommon language of Passion. One woman’s journey to pursue the heart of God and His desires for her life no matter how unconventional the path would appear. This book will lead you through a very real account of Deborah’s life and struggles, allowing you to see the depth of trust and walk with the Father go deeper with every chapter. profound wisdom is gained at every surrender of her will. This God given wisdom crosses denominational barriers and speaks to the heart of those who are truly hungry for purpose and direction with full surrender to the one who made us. you will not be able to put this book down! It will bring a sense of courage and spur you on to step out in faith that will change your life and those around you!

Beyond my expectations!
By Karen B. – See all my reviews

This is a book everyone needs to read, especially those who are facing trials in life. Deborah gives us a personal view into her life and how she has overcome all the challenges that have come her way with God’s grace, mercy and love. It is filled with scripture, wisdom, insight, and inspiration. If you or someone you know is dealing with pain, loss, abandonment, fear, brokenness, shame, guilt…….Beyond the Greenhouse will breath new life into your desperate soul. I came away after reading this book motivated to make several changes in my life that needed redirection. My health has improved drastically as I now have changed what goes into my body. My spirit has been filled with wonderful verses that God revealed to me in a different way through Deborah’s book. I know that no matter what trials come my way , I am not alone. This book is a beautiful picture of God’s supreme love for us!

Powerfully Motivating
By RGCN – See all my reviews

Deborah’s love and close relationship with our Heavenly Father is extremely evident in her book. She openly speaks of her personal experiences in life to help others see that they, too, can overcome their self-reliance and have peace and rest in God. Her enthusiasm in this special relationship inspires me to want this same bond and to share it with others.

It is an excellent book for both the believer, who wants to grow stronger and closer to God, and to the non-believer, to see the type of life and love they can have. I look forward to reading more from Deborah.

Pleasantly surprised!
By David P, (Apex, NC United States) – See all my reviews

Tired of Christian books and teaching that leave you thinking “That sounds nice, but what about all the struggles I go through?” This book takes you through the ups and downs of one woman’s life and how through it all, God is faithful and is looking for a closer relationship with his children. This is one of those fascinating books that you just can’t put down once you start it. If God feels distant to you and you feel like your struggles are getting the better of you, I recommend this book.

A Breath of Fresh Air
By acf – See all my reviews

Hurting from life’s journey? Or, are you wanting to press in closer but are unsure how?

“Beyond the Greenhouse” takes you on a very candid view of the author’s life and where she was in her walk with the Lord during major points in her life. She hides nothing from the reader and gives all glory to God, who has nurtured her through life experiences. The book helps to open your eyes to where you are in your spiritual walk and how to push closer to the Lord of all.

This is the first published book by Deborah Kirby and I for one hope it won’t be the last. I look forward to reading future writings from Deborah Kirby.