“As we abide in God, we see down the road and must form our actions today to meet that vision of tomorrow.” (Deborah Kirby)

“Taking a stand often has a high cost, but not taking a stand always has a higher one.” 
(Deborah Kirby)

“Growth does not occur by propping up broken branches.”   (Deborah Kirby)

To universally state Christians are not to judge is pointedly incorrect, but so too are Christians who assert their perceived right to universally judge. (Deborah Kirby)
“When Christians try, they operate in self; when Christians succeed, they operate in God.  He never tries anything, but He succeeds in all things He purposes. This is the power that is available to us!” (Deborah Kirby)

“I have found that if people start, the benefits are self-revealing. But if one does not start, revelation rarely comes. Knowledge, itself, however, does not yield a satisfactory harvest, and neither does sowing only a few seeds. The more seeds sown with each passing day yields a grand harvest. People who sow sparingly, reap sparingly. It is always grievous to me when someone throws in the towel after “X” time has passed. Bouncing from one fad to another for the promise of a quick fix is a trap to many. I grieve for them because two plus two will always be four, and God’s sowing principles will always endure.” (Deborah Kirby)

“Consequences, both positive and negative, are the ropes that bind us to the ship Reality. To cut one loose from the ropes is to doom one to injury and a probable toss overboard in the seas of life. Wise is the one who embraces the ropes rather than seek or desire removal of them.” (Deborah Kirby)

“Principled acts, and even the lack thereof, will always be subject to evaluation. Always. However, the subjective evaluations of man, that surely come to anyone who speaks up for or against a thing, cannot be the compass by which the stand orients itself. To elevate human evaluation to the level of determinate in one’s actions is to live as the double-minded man because human evaluation is subjective (ie: changing). God is the only valid determinate, being objective (ie: unchanging). May we as Christians, with courage, face the growing likelihood that negative evaluation by others will come, but may such likelihood never be given the power to silence us when a stand is required.” (Deborah Kirby)